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Back In Stock » Finding Form – Frei Otto & Bodo Rasch

Finding Form – Frei Otto & Bodo Rasch


“Primeval architecture is an architecture of necessity. Nothing is there to excess, no matter whether stone, clay, reeds or wood, animal skins or hair are used. It is minimal. It can be very beautiful even amidst poverty and is good in the ethical sense. Good architecture seems to be more important than beautiful architecture. Beautiful architecture is not necessarily good. Only buildings that are at the same time ethically good and aesthetically beautiful are worth preserving. We have too many buildings that have become useless and yet we still need new buildings, from pole to pole, in the cold and in the heat. Man’s present areas of settlement are the new ecological system in which technology is indispensable, even in hot and cold areas…Our age requires buildings that are lighter, more energy-saving, more mobile and more adaptable, in brief more natural, without disregarding the need for safety and security. This logically leads to the further development of light constructions, to the building of tents, shells, awnings and air-supported membranes. It also leads to a new mobility and changeability. A new understanding of nature is forming under one aspect of high performance form (also called a classical form), which unites aesthetic and ethical viewpoints. Tomorrow’s architecture will again be minimal architecture, an architecture of the self-education and self-optimization processes suggested by human beings.” – Frei Otto and Bodo Rasch in their foreword of this book.

Fellbach, 1995 (5th re-print 2006) 25x 22.6 cm, 540 illus. (some colour) 240pp. £39.00

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