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Back In Stock » Fracture: Conversations on Memory in the Berlin Republic

Fracture: Conversations on Memory in the Berlin Republic


Edited by Xavier Laboulbenne, Aljoscha Weskott

A highly readable collection of conversations where issues of history, memory and the monument in contemporary Germany are discussed in relation to controversial recent events involving German state cultural institutions in Berlin. The opposition by the directing administration of Schinkel’s first building the Neue Wache to the presentation of Marcel Odenbach’s piece ‘Wenn die Wand an den Tisch rück’ prompted the editors to conduct the conversations. The Neue Wache was converted into a memorial of the military dead of World War 1 in 1930, then in 1957 the GDR extended its concept to become ‘ Memorial to the Victims of Fachism and Militarism’ and since 1991 it has been known as ‘National Memorial to the Victims of War and Tyranny’. Conversations with Marcel Odenbach. Eugen Blume, Diedrich Diederichsen, Amie Siegel, Andres Veiel, Boris Groys, Thomas Flierl Christian von Borries among others..

Berlin 2008. 416pp, 95 x 148 mm. £10.

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